The world's best Heli-skiing
8 days of freeride with professionals in virgin places
From the craters of active volcanoes to the ocean
Twice cheaper than in America and Europe

February 23rd - March 1st
March 1st - 8th
April 12th - 19th
April 19th - 26th

The world's best Heli-skiing
8 days of freeride with professionals in virgin places
From the craters of active volcanoes to the ocean without limits
Twice cheaper than in America and Europe

February 23rd - March 1st

March 1st - 8th
April 12th - 19th
April 19th - 26th

video from past travels
You will have a professional photo and video operator with you, so you will have the same beautiful videos and photos
the best heli-ski in the world

landing on active volcanoes
downhill to the Pacific coast
crazy and diverse species
downhill for every taste and level of skiing

no limits

professional guides with 10 years of experience
absolutely safe
chill in the best hotels among the mountains
8 hours flight time
delicacies of Kamchatka
work of a professional photographer and cameraman
Professional freeride guides
Trained guides with more than 10 years experience
Various adventures
Level of training
Requires a certain level of skiing
Positive participants
We conduct a personal interview with everyone
Ocean view hotel, mountain lodge
11 seats
Stayed in the group
Program description:
Our guides
The experienced people work every day to provide the best service, safety and to make our clients happy
Aleksey Pugovkin
Freeride guide (ski)
MTB rider
Kirill Seregin
Freeride guide (ski)
MTB rider
Kirill Kiselev
Guide (snowboard, skiing)
Instructor (snowboard)
Snowboard judge of the first category
Guide to fishing
English teacher, rapper and just Kisya

Elena Safonova
Freeride guide (skiing)
Professional photographer
Likes surfing, cars on big wheels and dogs
Nikolay Boyarskiy
Captain of the sailing catamaran KOSATKA
Snowmobile driver
Can fix ABSOLUTELY everything
Pavel Vereshaka
Freeride guide (snowboard)
MTB rider
Assistant captain
Snowmobile driver
Soul of the company
Maks Lavrinenko
A virtuoso of the art of karate, Aikido and bath broom
Sveta Kharitonchik
Knows all
Help with any question
The price of the tour €7300 included:
  • meeting the group at the airstairs, receiving the luggage by the program arrangers and seeing off at the airport;
  • all transfers during the program;
  • support of the group by a personal manager throughout the program;
  • accommodation both in the city and in the mountain lodge (twin / double);
  • professional photographer or videographer services on the route (any 3 days are chosen by the program arrangers);
  • breakfasts and dinners, lunches on routes, lunch on the day of arrival;
  • the use of snowmobiles;
  • guides services;
  • interpreter services;
  • processing of documents necessary for migratory services and Federal Security Service in Russia;
  • freight of the helicopter Mi-8 (8 hours of flight);
  • 1 seance of massage and 2 yoga practices / gymnastics;
  • rent of the avalanche equipment (beeper, probe, shovel, avalanche backpack).
Additional cost:
  • flight to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
  • optional excursions
  • rent of individual equipment: skis/ snowboards
Responsible tourism
Part of the money from each sale of travel goes to restore the nature of our planet

You will receive a certificate of planting 10 trees

You will have a personal forest named after you
Our clients love us
Núria Castan Baron
You guys are so cool, I love you all so much, and I guess this is forever! Well, now let's go straight to the point:
1) I'm amazed by the organization: snowboarding was smooth and absolutely safe. Yesterday I even told everything to my parents, frankly and in detail, mentioning that even though there were avalanche risks, the guys perfectly guided us while we were snowboarding.
2) I'm impressed by logistics and transportation, clear information and flexibility when planning our leisure time.
3) Specially for Sveta: huge thanks for your patience and readiness to repeat the same thing 25 times to everyone if needed; for waking everyone up, supporting the group and providing everyone with meals.
4) On top of that, you guys are incredibly easy-going and welcoming. You deliver much more than 'simply doing your job'; even when everyone's tired, your friendly attitude is truly inspiring.
Uri Fortó Ribera
This has been the best trip so far, not only for me, but for many other travelers as well
It also brought lifechanging ideas to some of us!
We stayed at a sailing backcountry camp on the shores of the Russkaya Bay located in Kamchatka. I thought that no one would surprise me, but these guys definitely could!
Dawid Lansel
I have already had lots of travels and mountains in my life, but Kamchatka startles you with unparalleled beauty and heartfelt encounters with amazing people. This is one of my most bright snowboarding trips ever. 🔥
Jose Bustamante Castro
This is the first time I'm actually writing a review! I joined this travel group by chance and got an unforgettable vacation in return. I definitely recommend this team to all free riders: the guys are beyond & above, ensuring total safety and enjoying snowboarding together!!!
They have their own hotel, equipment and great passion for what they do. They will show you around and give lots of information as well as advices on interesting locations and must-visit places.
Kamchatka is a place where a person, having visited only once, leaves a part of himself and dreams of returning here for the rest of his life
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